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image Olympia
  • label Disques Dreyfus
  • label Disques Motors
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Coming to perform at the Olympia was the logical finale for Christophe’s long musical journey, beginning with his debut as a singer and his two fantastic early albums (Les Paradis Perdus, 1973 and Les Mots Bleus, 1974). Here are the fourteen titles he sang with panache in this magnificent, exciting setting. The set was grandiose, enchanting and during Emporte-Moi, Christophe and his beautiful white grand piano flew into the air! Knowing that during the three decades following this event, Christophe basically disappeared from our stages -- this deserved triumph is doubly satisfying.

  • 1.Souvenirs (live):01:31 (Christophe)

  • 2.La petite fille du 3eme (live):03:28 (Gilles Thibaut - Christophe)

  • 3.Les mots bleus (live):04:36 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 4.Mama (live):02:17 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 5.Mickey (live):02:31 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 6.Le temps de vivre (live):05:06 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 7.Du pain et du laurier (live):03:19 (Christophe - D. Morrison)

  • 8.Les Paradis Perdus (live):08:47 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 9.Le dernier des Bevilacqua (live):10:04 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe / (arr) Dominique Perrier)

  • 10.Emporte-Moi (live):13:23 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 11.Introduction (live):03:55 (Patrice Tison)

  • 12.Le Petit gars (live):04:33 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 13.Senorita (live):04:09 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)

  • 14.Drole de vie (live):06:44 (Jean-Michel Jarre - Christophe)


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